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Introducing:  ED the Maniac,

     Ed is the mascot of the Mini Bike Maniac Website.  He is the creation of

Tom Drzewiecki.  He is 5 feet tall and weighs 14 pounds.  He is articulated

so he can be seen riding one of Tom's restored vintage bikes.  He proudly

sports one of the shirts currently available for purchase.  

    One of Ed's duties is to travel to events with Tom and the bikes.  He will

be seen riding a bike at the next bike show in Iowa May 2nd and 3rd.  Check

out the Next Stop page for where Ed's next appearance will be.


     Creating Ed the Maniac, took some creativity and patience for both Tom

and his wife.  Ed started out as a way to display the t-shirts, and turned 

into the mascot.  

     The key characteristic is the abiltiy to position him in nearly any postion 

a human can be positioned in.  This meant needing to come up with a way to 

create joints.  Tom's solution resulted in a articulating

Ed needed to look like the images Tom has created, so creating the head

came next.  Styrofoam is the main medium for the head and the helmet.  It

took some learning pains but soon Tom had the head for his maniac in



Once Tom had the head figured out the body needed to be created.  This

meant creating the body, arms and legs from scratch.  After some trial and

error, the body started to come together.

Once the pieces were sewn and the hairs applied, it came time to stuff Ed.


Next came some finishing touches, Ed has finger and toe nails added, then

off to paint.  He has been given some shading and definition, of which these

images do not justify.  Of course he cannot go to shows with his missing

bits showing so he had to have clothes.  The shorts are a size 14 from the

boys department, but he is wearing an extra large shirt. He stand 5 feet 

tall and weighs 14 pounds.

  His fingers and toes can hold onto the handle bars of the bike, so Tom 

can pose him just like all of the positions in his drawings, most of which are

still to come.

     Come check him out at any of the mini bike or car show events and you

just might be able to get your picture taken with him.